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Provide Pudding with a view access to your digital channel. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Youtube.

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Our AI runs automatically over all the creatives - images, text copy, and videos and analyzes them, comparing the results to performance KPIs.

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Explore tips and insights to understand what makes your best ad creative - best! Gain suggestions on how to improve it.

With you can easily

  • View the performance of your ad creatives in real-time
  • See which creative elements help or hurt your KPIs
  • Get actionable insights for future campaigns
  • Share data with everyone in your team
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Your superpower is creativity, ours is to help you see it made creative performance accessible to us and helped us provide better briefs for future campaigns.

Pudding ai customer

Kligerman Idan

Digital Director came with automatic tags that bring us a much deeper actionable insight into our creative and what messages and creatives our audience interacts with better.

Pudding ai customer

Morgana Brites

Paid Media Specialist

What we love the most is the comparison and the insights of what made the creative stand out from the rest. With that, we seek to create new pieces with the elements present in the pieces that performed better.

Pudding ai customer

Gianlucca Magaldi

Media Supervisor optimized the visual creative path of the customer journey while providing SkiDeal sales team a better picture of each customer dream ski vacation

Pudding ai customer

Adam Karni


Pudding's innovative solution is like magic. Users retain more, and the site owners make more money!

Pudding ai customer

Guy Katsovich


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