The proof is in the Pudding

The best way to know if your ad creative works is to see its full potential yourself

We Believe

Creativity is a superpower that is fueled by passion and knowledge. Our vision is to be the fuel for those who want to master it.

pudding ai co-founders
pudding ai co-founders

It All Starts With Why...

Post-mortem ad creative analysis is too little too late. What if we could gain real-time insights to update creatives in-flight adjusted to current KPIs and then repeat the success with future campaigns? With those thoughts in mind we started Pudding AI - to change the way creative is treated and analyzed today so it gets the respect, potential and place it deserves around the table.

Our values


We believe in thinking outside of the box and dare to take ideas to infinity and beyond!


Passion is the #1 drive for all our efforts. Only when you’re truly passionate about what you do, you can break all limits and create an amazing future.


We value transparent communication, as it is the key to great success.

Where does the name “Pudding” come from?

Pudding.ai was inspired by the English idiom , “the proof is in the pudding,” which translates to the idea that you have to try something yourself to determine if it’s good. Pudding is here to enable the ‘Pudding proof’. Pudding AI technology provides the experience of ‘trying the Pudding ’ during the creative process and even before the ad creatives are used. Marketers can analyse, pivot and test creative ideas fast & simple while reducing the risk of damage from a potentially bad creative.

Our Team

pudding ai team

Anastasia Logvinenko

Co-Founder & CEO

pudding ai team

Tal Yahav

Co-Founder & CTO

pudding ai team

Hanan Levin

Computer Vision Engineer

pudding ai team

Dina Taitelbaum

Head of Growth

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