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Farm Global cut the manual data collection and analysis time by 40%

“ came with automatic tags that bring us a much deeper actionable insight into our creative and what messages and creatives our audience interacts with better.”

Morgana Brites, Paid Media Specialist

The story began in 1997 in Rio at a local independent fashion market called Babilonia Feira Hype, where founders Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos took their chances on launching a clothing line that embodies the feminine spirit and vibrant colors of Rio.

With over 20 years of history, FARM Rio is Brazil’s most beloved clothing and lifestyle brand.


Farm Rio has a small team, and they have to deal with a gigantic volume of data.

Their challenge was to begin to understand how their creative pieces were performing, both in clicks and sales, and it required huge manual labor and was increasingly demanding time.

We needed a solution that delivered a depth of analysis with both data and that brought the most “chewed” insights to take directly to the media, communications, and the design team.


With, the creative teams have more autonomy to see and learn of the performance of their creatives and what works for our different target audiences.

They enter the platform and collect the insights. The team can get automatic and real-time feedback over their creatives, with actionable insights enabling them to create more well-performing pieces and save more than 40% of precious time. Now they can focus on what matters the most – making great creative.

For the media team, enabled to cut manual data collection & report build time and focused much more on the insights and analytics part.