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OFF Premium Improves Creatives Performance by 30%

“What we love the most is the comparison and the insights of what made the creative stand out from the rest. With that, we seek to create new pieces with the elements present in the pieces that performed better.”

Gianlucca Magaldi, Media Supervisor

OFF Premium was born with the desire to provide quality parts at an affordable price.

With discounts of up to 70% OFF, the brand has consolidated itself as a major outlet that sells the latest collections of the main names in Brazilian fashion.

The daily replacement of parts and constant promotional actions solidified OFF, which has become a marketplace and has several sellers that enrich the consumer experience.


Off Premium has sought to bring more insights to designers – what creatives and concepts work.

They were looking for a way to both – understand creative performance in order to improve in creatives, and be able to compare concepts and creatives by CTR. Doing so they needed a way to improve the communication with the designers on the creative performance about the quality of the creatives and what could be improved.

  • 30% improvements in CTR
  • Team productivity increased, analysis is done 20% of the time compared to before
  • Better communication between the marketing and design team
3 months after using real-time ad creative analysis

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