How to Create TikTok Ads: Actionable Insights for Beauty Campaigns

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How to Create TikTok Ads: Actionable Insights for Beauty Campaigns

For those of you who don’t know – TikTok is no longer just a hip new social media space for Gen Z’s. It is a new giant that has already beat Facebook’s and even Google’s traffic! Advertising on TikTok is a crucial digital marketing step your brand should be making. Here at, we will help you make sure you know how to optimize your ad creatives to fit the platform and its audience.

One of the biggest mistakes digital marketers could do is assume that an ad used on Facebook/IG, YouTube, Google, etc would also fly on TikTok. A one-size-fits-all approach will NOT work with TikTok ads. Successful brands will know how to differentiate and create a holistic brand experience across different channels that fit those channels and their demographics (both on and offline).

TikTok says, “Don’t make ads, make TikToks”.

This phrase stresses just how unique the ad format and creative style is for it to work on TikTok. As a brand, you need to figure out how to create your TikToks that fit the channel. As for the creative part, we’re here to help and show you our insights on how to create TikTok ads.

Ad creative elements to use and to avoid on TikTok ads

Since beauty is the most popular industry on TikTok today, we decided to focus this creative analysis report on beauty ads. To access top beauty ads, you can view TikTok Creative Center which is a great tool to watch well-performing trends for songs, hashtags, and TikToks. You can filter them by location, industry, and even campaign objectives.

However, you wouldn’t find actionable suggestions on which particular elements help or hurt the performance. This is why we ran our AI to view creative elements that impact shares for top global beauty ads.

How to increase shares on TikTok ads

Let’s start with the technical elements…

  1. Make sure your average video shot length is longer than 6 seconds (+43%)
  2. Overall video lengths between 18-36 seconds are not performing well (-36%). Try making them longer than half a minute.
  3. Avoid static and bright frames (-15% each)
  4. Start with speech (+38%) or quieter audio (+58%), not with music (-29%)
  5. Don’t end your ads with silence (-13%)
What can we learn here:

The first thing that’s surprising is that starting with music decreases performance. After all, isn’t music a huge factor for all TikTok videos? Indeed it is but turns out, your ads will get more shares if they perhaps stand out from other TikToks by not starting with music.

The creative trend regarding bright and static frames is actually seen across different channels, not just TikTok and we’ve seen it come back in our previous reports. The video and frame length insights are also very useful to know because it’s hands-on insight you can find ways to optimize for quickly.

Text Insights

Do not add subtitles (-12%). In fact, any text on video is actually decreasing its performance (-31%). Thus, make sure your video is clean and includes no text, it can increase your shares conversions by 28%.

If you absolutely must use text on your ad creative, we’ve learned that contrary to Facebook ads, question (a whopping -56%) and exclamation marks (-17%) are not performing well on TikTok ads. However, we see a 28% increase in shares of ads that include the word “get”!

Video Insights

While this is regarding beauty ads, many creative teams question when to show off their product and what’s the best way to do so. Our analysis shows TikTok ads that include multiple packaged goods are performing way better (+14%) than those showing single goods (-25%). So don’t be afraid to include frames of your products all lined up together!

Finally, women TikTokers outperform men (42% vs -14%) which could have been easily guessed considering we’re analyzing beauty ads. Moreover, make sure she’s got long hair – that increases shares too, by as much as 29%!

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Content-first approach

Yes, content is reigning strong and has lived long. Most importantly, the value of content does not seem to be going anywhere. However, we can observe shifts within content and its marketing strategy techniques in order to stay relevant.

Today, it’s all about creative-first strategy with a strong focus on video and that’s exactly what will make you shine on TikTok. One of the reasons why short videos are dominating content is due to the ever-decreasing attention spam of our consumers. What used to be 11 and then 3 seconds is now at a shocking 1 second. “The generation of swipers” aren’t impressed by anything anymore and it takes a good story to hold their attention.

Storytelling is good content’s main weapon.

If you can stop thinking like an advertiser or a marketer and start thinking like a creator, your content will win in today’s ad competition. Storytelling has a methodological structure we as consumers know how to follow through and thus comprehend even with such short attention spam. Add entertaining elements to the mix and you’ve got me hitting that “like” or “share” button.

Finally, relevancy and authenticity values aren’t going anywhere. Creating content schedules ahead of time is becoming a less and less relevant task for marketers because content needs to be dynamic, follow today’s trends and respond to your audience in real-time. In our last article, covering February campaigns for Vday inspired by Super Bowl ads and the Winter Olympics you can learn more about ways to stay relevant. Here, let’s dive in a little and discuss authenticity.

How to create authentic content on TikTok

As Sandie Hawkins, Head of Advertising for US TikTok said, “People check Facebook. But they watch TikTok.”

TikTok users aren’t like the audience on any other social media platform. Their retention rate is higher, users share TikTok content across their other channels and they create global creative marketing trends every day!

According to Instagram, 1 in 4 teens and young adults are planning to shop directly on social media in 2022. Therefore, we can foresee how social media advertising, including of course TikToks will play a vital role in your digital marketing success. So how do you create authentic content that increases your social media conversions?

To answer that question, we should consider everything discussed above: the value of videos, storytelling, the generation of swipers with their shortest ever attention spam, entertainment element, and of course, relevancy. To complete this content recipe of success, you need to add a trustworthy engaging solution aka influencers.

Influencer marketing today is no longer about finding a blogger with the most followers and paying them to talk about your product. This will not work so don’t even waste your money and time searching for an influencer like that and trying to get them to talk to you back. Why? Because that’s not authentic and the audience feels it.

In reality, the follower count is less and less relevant as long as your influencer represents your brands’ values and inhabits in communities that are fit for your product. Rather than finding a quick return influencer, consider searching for a brand ambassador, a partner, and a co-creator.

Building a relationship with an influencer, by introducing them to your brands creative briefs, team, events and more allows you to create authentic content together that aligns with both your brands. See if you could co-create a product line together and watch your engagement grow along with conversions. As an example, take a look at FRE skincare who is doing an amazing job with Talia Sutra. In the past 2 years, they’ve created a line of products together that are consistent bestsellers on FRE’s website.

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