Top 5 AI Marketing Tools for B2C Companies

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Some might think that since our world gets faster and people feel busier, that we need to actually BE busier. I’d like to challenge that thought for fellow marketers, particularly in the B2C field. In this article, we’ll present our top 5 AI marketing tools to this never-ending speedboat ride to growth.

Identifying ways we could leverage these already “up-to-speed” tech innovations for data analysis and insights allows us to actually spend our time thinking creatively, brainstorming ideas, and growing our brands instead of spending our days on busy tasks. 

Think about it. If you could move your busy-work to modern technology such as artificial intelligence solutions that would do the job well, why wouldn’t you do that? 

Introducing AI in Marketing: 

What is AI marketing and how can you trust it?

According to Andrew Moore, Former Dean of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, “Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of making computers behave in ways that, until recently, we thought required human intelligence.” 

That means we can use AI to help us make all sorts of marketing decisions because it’s always based on solid data (trust? check!). There are AI marketing tools that can help us view the performance of our ads, their analysis & insights, view your competitors’ marketing efforts, easily create videos and so much more! 

While selecting what aspect of marketing to transition over to artificial intelligence, it’s crucial to understand which gap you want the tools to fill.

Here’re some questions worth asking:

  • Which marketing aspect could use data analysis for better decision-making? 
  • What work takes you or your team hours implementing that could be done with an AI tool?
  • How can an AI platform help you communicate your campaign goals, discoveries, and improvements?
  • Where could you improve your digital marketing efforts overall?

Answering these questions can help you identify which sort of marketing tasks you can lend over to an AI marketing tool while increasing your productivity, ROI, and overall brand development.

Our top 5 AI Marketing tools for B2C companies:

1. dashboard

Ok, we may be a bit biased here! 😉

However, Pudding AI checks out all the boxes for what an AI should do to a B2C business for creative performance analysis of paid ads! 

Pudding analyzes ads across multiple channels in real-time and measures them against your chosen KPIs. It presents your top and least performing creatives – images, videos, and copy with actionable insights. Beyond that, you’ll see which elements across all creatives help or hurt the performance.

This helps B2C marketers identify creative strategies, communication between teams involved in the paid marketing campaigns (strategy creator, creative team, PPC & media guys, etc), find and optimize ads fatigue, and increase the overall efficiency of work. 

Pricing: monthly ads creative report is completely free! The full solution price is customized. Learn more about pricing.

ads creative report CTA

2. Personalize

personalize dashboard

Personalize is a marketing software solution that uses artificial intelligence to determine the products and services your customers are MOST interested in, right now. By analyzing metrics such as time on page, visit frequency, and recency, Personalize provides real-time data even as user interests change over time. 

Armed with these insights, savvy marketers can create personalized 1:1 communications tailored to their audience’s needs. Email campaigns that leverage Personalize data are proven to outperform other campaigns, resulting in 57% higher click rates on average.

Personalize integrates with various CRM, email, and data platforms like HubSpot, Zapier, and Klaviyo.

Pricing: 30-day free trial. Thereafter, pricing starting at $69/month for Personalize Light, which includes 10,000 pageviews, 6 months of data retention, and 10,000 contacts.

3. MarketMuse

marketmuse dashboard

MarketMuse uses AI to accelerate content planning, creation, and optimization. They are a team of content and AI veterans using machine learning to enable clients to gain authority in their topical domain.

This AI and machine learning technology helps you create the most relevant, authoritative, and helpful content on any topic. It’s the kind of content search engines love!

Stop relying on guesswork and start making smart data-driven decisions. MarketMuse saves you hours of keyword research, reduces the cost of paid search, and builds thought leadership in your industry.

Pricing: 7-day free trial. Thereafter, pricing plans start at $79 per month.

4. Lumen5

lumen5 dashboard

Lumen5 is an online video maker that empowers businesses, brands, and creatives to produce thumb-stopping video content for social media, content marketing, and ads.

They work with over 700,000 businesses across the globe to help increase brand awareness, improve social engagement, and unlock the full potential of video marketing.

Pricing: limited forever free plan. The starting price is $11/month.

5. Crayon

crayon dashboard

Crayon is a market and competitive intelligence company that enables businesses to track, analyze, and act on everything happening outside their four walls.

Tens of thousands of teams use Crayon’s real-time competitive insights platform to enable sales to win more deals. With Crayon you can improve marketing performance to break through crowded markets, and inform product and executive strategy to build and launch winning products.

With the help of Crayon’s real-time competitive intelligence solution, you can enhance the strategies of your sales, marketing, product, and executive teams. Build enablement tools such as Battlecards to help your sales team win more competitive deals and, ultimately, improve your revenue.

Pricing: fee determined upon request.

That’s it!

AI marketing is no longer a futuristic solution.

We can use technology to simplify our life and work, ease communication and even direct us to make better decisions. Therefore, those not taking advantage of these tools end up spending extra hours manually collecting data that can be biased, overlooked, and misleading.

So what AI SaaS tech are you using today in your business to advance your marketing efforts? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below!

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