Valentine’s Day Marketing Inspired by Super Bowl Ads Trends & Winter Olympics

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valentine's day marketing inspired by super bowl ads trends & winter olympics

Valentine’s Day Marketing Inspired by Super Bowl Ads Trends & Winter Olympics

Once every 4 years, February marketing campaigns can be inspired not only by Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl but also by the Winter Olympics. On one hand, this is an opportunity to kick off a new year with extra sales, brand awareness, and audience recognition. On the other, we combat big competition and all eyes on the big guys (brands).

However, what we can and should do with this competition is to learn from it. One of the crucial takeaways for this year’s campaigns is that marketing has to be current and relevant in order to surprise and delight your audience and increase engagement.

We can break this strategy down into 3 focus categories:

  • Keeping up with trends to stay relevant
  • Creative & messaging testing
  • Performance & audience engagement insights based on data analysis

Here at, we strive to offer your solutions for all of the above categories so this article will cover marketing trends forecast for the upcoming month. Let’s see how the upcoming events combined with recent global trends can be used to create ad campaigns that resonate with your audience and increase your ad performance.

If you’re our platform user, then you’re already fully covered with actionable creative and messaging insights based on real-time performance. As for everyone else, we’re offering a completely free audit of Facebook ads to help you understand your creative performance based on 1 chosen metric (like CTR).

What will Valentine’s Day marketing look like in 2022?

According to Google, Valentine’s Day searches actually begin as soon as the day after Christmas. It peaks on February 11th – just a few days before the big marketing holiday. This year, we see a 250% increase in searches related to Valentine’s Day already in the past week! So get your ad strategy up and running, like right now.

Checking out keyword trends is a great example of how to stay relevant for your PPC efforts. You want to find out not only when it’s appropriate to start running your ad campaign but also what your audience is searching for.

While we know the average consumer spending trend is at $200 per person, we can get a good idea of which products to launch ad campaigns for. However, consumers today are not purchasing their Valentine’s Day gifts only for romantic evenings. In fact, this year you can expect your audience to buy gifts for friends, family, siblings, pets, and themselves!

valentine's day marketing ad example

Use our most recent report for mid-funnel marketing creative insights to make sure you use elements that are trending to increase your CPC performance.

What does this mean for our ad creative and copy?

Don’t limit yourself to a romantic look & feel.

Your messaging could vary and cover expressions of self gratitude, achievement, home pampering, BFF recognition, platonic love, and much more. Use your creativity and current events like the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics to broaden your Valentine’s Day marketing messages and you might just hit new records with your campaign performance.

Regarding your audience, our recommendation is to focus on retargeting campaigns. Show your special offers to everyone who’s been on your website, page, cart abandoners, and anyone else who engaged with your content. Start your campaign now across multiple social channels. Email marketing for warm leads and you will reach all shopper types: planners, on-the-goers, and last-minute procrastinators.

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Valentine’s Day marketing inspired by Super Bowl

This year, Super Bowl falls on February 13th – just a day before Super Bowl (and its famous ads). Super Bowl ads are loved by many marketers because it shows us a glimpse of the general audience’s mood. Get inspired by campaigns that resonate with consumers based on million-dollar ads from brands who did their research (trust me).

Last year, we’ve analysed Super Bowl ads creatives and now we see that some creative element trends actually lasted throughout the year. One of such trends is “starting with speech” over “starting with music” in the first seconds of your video ad. We saw it on best received Super Bowl ads and then on many successful campaigns throughout the year.

This year, the prognosis for Super Bowl ad themes is also rooted in relevancy. Thus, one of the expected creative elements is an idea of freedom, growth, and adventure. After a long pandemic, people are ready to expand their boundaries, travel, and experience life! By the way, Shutterstock’s creative trends are also predicting the same theme, calling it “On the road again”.

Valentine's day ad example of self love

What does that mean for Valentine’s Day marketing? Use it for your Vday campaigns too. This is indeed a way you could figure out ad creative trends – by observing major event ads and their creative elements.

What else can we foresee for this year’s Super Bowl ads?

Inclusive diversity is definitely a concept on every marketer’s mind so we’re sure to see diverse audience representations. The global focus on bringing people together is very strong today and various brands are showing their progressive views on the subject by including various community types in their ad creative and messaging.

Since we’ve had a rough couple of years, it’s safe to assume that many brands will be creating comedic and light-felt campaigns. Consumers want this switchgear from heavy, vaccine-oriented content to something (anything!) else. However, we’d be fooled not to expect drama and emotional content. If you can “hit the right buttons” in a short video ad – for all means, do it because it always works.

Crypto, tech, and other innovative technologies (including bio) can also be expected to hit the ads season this year. After such a boost of attention towards cryptocurrency advancement, we’re sure modern technology advancements are also intriguing to the consumers. Definitely worth a try to include some techy look & feel in your ad creative too. Let us know how you do, we’d love to see your content (just tag us on Twitter @puddingdotai).

For more ideas, check out the Forbes list of ad themes forecasted by various agencies experts.

The most interesting fact is that many CPG brands are choosing to continue their advertising efforts on social media campaigns over spending big bucks at the game. After all, you don’t have to be sponsoring the game to seize the day so by all means, run your ads across many social channels and create a strong, seamless customer exposure to your brand.

Don’t forget the Winter Olympics!

Just next week, we will begin seeing medals awarded to strong, graceful athletes day after day. With it, we’re sure to see related ad content everywhere. Let’s think about how your brand can leverage from that too:

  • Include motivational messages. Inspire courage, strength, and dedication that leads to achievement of all goals.
  • Great time to promote sport-related products (clothes, gear, etc).
  • Make sure your ads are real-time relevant. Include hot events from the competitions of that same day!
  • Talk about the importance of team work.
  • Target younger demographic. This year, the Winter Olympics are introducing new sports such as skateboarding and surfind which will drive gen Z’s as potential audience/customers.
  • Cooperate with social influencers in the athelete world. This is a great opportunity for them just as much as for you.

“You want to take the love that people have for the Olympics and use that to borrow that equity for your brand,” explains Elizabeth Lindsey, president of brands and properties at Wasserman, U. S.based sports marketing company.

Here’re examples of P&G, Virgin, and Samsung hitting just the right spots to bring us closer to their brand through the Olympic games:


Virgin | 2016:


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