Ad Creative Trends Analysis: New Insights For Users

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Ad Creative Trends Analysis: New Insights For Users

What are ad creative trends?

Ad creative trends are insights of commonly-used elements that can help increase performance. It aligns perfectly with real-time ads creative analysis and we’re thrilled to announce that Trends insights are now available for platform users! 🎉

What’s unique about trends as opposed to other insights is the comparison of your creative elements’ performance to their global usage (or lack of it). This means your ad creative analysis now also includes popularity insights on elements used by other advertisers.

Everyone is looking out for the next trend to improve their advertising creatives. Just google ‘ad creative trends’ and you’ll see a sea of recommendations for the trends of the year. Why is that? Why are marketers and advertisers interested in trends?

The reason for this interest is simple. We’re looking for what works and what doesn’t in order to adjust our own campaigns. Just like the actionable insights seen on so far but with an added bonus of comparing their usage by brands.

How do I use the creative trends?

In your insights report, where you usually find the complete breakdown of your creative performance by elements you’ll find Trends (beta) under your Highlights section.

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There are four types of trends:

  1. Popularity – elements you use that are gaining or losing popularity
  2. Missing out – commonly used elements, but NOT by you
  3. Uniques – creative elements you use more than others (for better or for worse)
  4. Hot – elements that are gaining popularity that you DON’T use

Understanding the different types of trends helps you learn how your team can use them to your advantage and improve your ad creative performance. For example, seeing an element under the ‘Missing out!” category can be a clear call to action for your team to include more of that element. However, there could also be an element you use even though it’s losing popularity. In the example above it’s the square dimension.

Creative trends insights help your marketing team create data-based creatives and for some, it could even help with trendsetting.

Trendsetting is used by brands that are able to catch those unique elements that are working even though others aren’t aware of their positive performance yet. can help identify those in real-time enabling your team to become ahead of trends and even create them.

According to Kantar, TikTok ads are more enjoyable than ads on other platforms. That’s because they adapt the look & feel of TikToks, not traditional ads. Therefore TikTok ads are more trendsetting than ads on other platforms, and businesses can capitalize on that by hopping on the trends or creating them on their own. Check out our insights on how to make TikTok ads for beauty campaigns.

However, watching out for trends is not limited to TikTok advertising…

Creative trends for real-time marketing

Real-time marketing is a relatively new, highly effective concept used by marketers to bring the brand’s message across using current events. Historically, we see a version of real-time marketing play out during holidays but marketers actually thoroughly plan these months before. Thus, when the holiday arrives the ads are relevant and offer an effect of real-time marketing.

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Today, however, real-time marketing is a lot more dynamic and often requires quick adaptation decisions and creative optimizations. Last month, we saw Valentine’s Day marketing affected by the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics that happened to take place around the same time. This week, we see companies presenting their values by taking a stand in the current war between Russia and Ukraine which is also a marketing / PR adaptation decision.

Staying on top of trends helps marketers make quick adaptations and optimizations to stay relevant. Today, brands have to do this manually by observing global events, Facebook ads library, Google trends, and TikTok insights. However, this leaves room for interpretation and human error.

With, we offer a completely automated feature that measures the global usage of creative elements and offers personalized insights based on each client’s creatives. These insights will help your marketing and creative teams make quick optimization decisions in order to stay relevant and exercise real-time marketing to drive results.

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