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Introducing a Free Ads Creative Report (and its success with Product Hunt & BetaPage)

If you’ve ever looked up a way to analyze your ad creatives, you may have found that most solutions out there can be quite pricey. Usually, they’re aimed at large enterprise businesses with a monthly spend of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, we’ve decided to offer everyone our AI data-driven ads creative report for free. 

Yes, it’s free – you read that right! 

Every month, you can receive a report directly in your inbox with a complete summary of your ads performance based on the KPI you choose. Pudding will show you top and least performing creative types (images, videos, carousels, and copy) with data-driven insights, suggesting to you what creative elements you should keep using and what we recommend to avoid.

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Why is the ads creative report free? 

It all comes down to the consistently increasing competition for Facebook advertisers. We want to be able to offer businesses a chance to reach their audience in this pool of giants. Pudding’s goal is to help people master their passions and knowledge, to help you grow your business. 

Here’s what you’re competing with:

These numbers can scare you off or inspire – you choose. 

If you’re inspired and want to compete, sell and thrive on Facebook you need to strategise well. That’s where we come in. Pudding AI Reports can help you strategize your ad creatives so they perform in your favor, lowering your CPC and increasing your CTRs. 

If once a month is not enough…

No problem, we can also customize your report frequency with the Essentials plan at $99/mo. In addition, we’ll throw in ad fatigue alerts, filter customization, and up to 5 users to receive the report. 

If you want to include several metrics (for example, CTR & CPP) in your report, the Premium plan will also include multiple metrics, filters and links to examples & visualizations. 

In the example below, you see a visualization example of all ads that include the keyword, “buy now”. This way, you could see more data on why we suggest you use or avoid it.

creatives with "buy now" example from

You can learn all about our different ads creative report packages on our Pricing page. 

Ads creative report got over 100 sign-ups in just 48 hours!

Last week, we launched a campaign to introduce our new ads creative report and it has brought us over a 100 new sign ups in just 48 hours! As a fellow marketer, I thought we should share this experience with you so I’ll just go ahead and dive in. We’ve used 2 communities for our launch – Product Hunt and BetaPages.

How we launched on Product Hunt

Product Hunt launch is a successful strategy for many. Companies like Slack, Trello, Houseparty, Hunter and so many more (check out this awesome list) show us that a project done well can bring your brand a great initial boost of brand awareness and early adopters through Product Hunt. 

Of course, we went for it! 

From glancing over at Product Hunt, we realized that the thumbnail gif is an important part of catching attention. Thus, create a gif that’s simple, clean but descriptive enough. Here’s what we’ve used:

product hunt gif example

Make sure you keep the look & feel within your brand – that’s true for any campaign, anywhere!

Once you’ve got a good thumbnail, make sure your creatives describe your product but without overloading it with information. Show off your main value propositions, backed up with some example images. At the end, include your special offer for the community – everyone loves a good deal. 

ads creative report actionable insights

Once you have all your creatives ready, all you have to do is prepare your Maker’s first comment. In our eyes, a human message is always a way to go so keep it light, friendly, and approachable. Describe your experience building the product, go over the value propositions. In the end, add your offer, a testimonial, and a few useful links. 

If you launch on time (the best launch time to launch on Product Hunt is 12.01am PST) you’ll be amongst the first who published “Today”. 

Why is it important?

Because Product Hunt ranks all newly launched products and offers badges to those reaching Top 5 or Top 10 rankings by the end of the day. 

We didn’t get those rankings… BUT it didn’t stop our campaign from being a success. We didn’t get thousands of upvotes either, but the funny part is – the number of people who visited and signed up for our ads creative report was higher than the number of upvotes!

What’s important is that your product is out there, it’s interesting and people want to use it. 

BetaPage Promotion

betapage listing

The day we launched on PH, a BetaPage representative reached out to me (not sure if it was an accident on not) and offered a great deal for a newsletter and featured listing promotion. After a quick google search, I saw that there are others who combined the two and it’s worked well for them.  

So, we went ahead with it and quickly created a newsletter for BetaPage subscribers (35,000+!). Within a few hours, we had at least 20+ signups from it! 

This was paid, yes, but the ROI was worth it. Plus, it took us less than an hour to prepare for this campaign. 

In conclusion…

We’re excited to have released this new product for all marketers – big and small to help analyse ads creative performance. We believe small businesses deserve a foot in the door with their ads creative analysis in order to grow and we’re looking forward to offering our AI insights to help with that.

The campaigns we launched of Product Hunt and BetaPage only solidified our hypothesis that there’s a demand for ad creative reports out there. Many marketers spend days understanding their performance ROI, how to allocate budget accurately, and improve ads performance

Pudding AI Reports can help you learn what helps & hurts your KPIs, understand what ads work for your products and for your audiences, and they’re super easy to use considering they are emailed directly to your mailbox. 

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