Introducing New Feature: Ad Creative Highlights!

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Ad creative performance analysis can be a lot of busy work – figuring out what to measure, what elements affect performance, why and how to adjust them for future campaigns. With Pudding AI, we simplify this workload for you by creating easily digestible (get it? digestible Pudding!) actionable ad creative insights highlights.

Pudding AI summarizes all the insights and chooses to highlight the ones with the highest impact on performances while offering easy-to-act upon, affordable post-production suggestions. 

With to dive deeper?

By scrolling down, you can access the full creative insight report that breaks down the performance of every element of your creative by the metric you choose. 

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Many of our users also love using the Board. The board allows viewing the performance of ad creatives based on multiple KPIs and their overall score. However, we decided to add an even more simplified insight – Highlights. 

Introducing the ad creative Highlights

The ad creative Highlights insights show elements that have the most impact on your ad creatives. You can get an overview of best or least performing creative elements, saving you time identifying those in the overall insights report.

ad creative hightlights

As you can see in the image above, the Highlights instantly point out to this user creative suggestions. In this example, the black and white images are decreasing the creative performance by 33%. Considering the insight that wide images also don’t help the performance, you can plan for your next creative to have color and to be vertical (since it shows an increase of performance by 12%)!

Here’re the Highlights for the videos of the same account:

ad creatibe highlights

A pretty simple way to understand what works and what doesn’t, huh?

These labels are recognised by automatically, just like they do for the overall insights report. The only difference is that Highlights picks the most significant ones for a comprehensive summary. 

Do you use already for your ad creative insights? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts about this new feature! Otherwise, go ahead and book a demo to see all the features and capabilities of

If you’re running ad campaigns with many creatives, it’s crucial for you to understand how these campaigns perform beyond the basic metrics you get on Facebook or Google. With you’ll have all your ad creatives in one place, with easily understandable real-time actionable insights!

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