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Pudding.ai co-founders

It all started about 3 years ago… 

It was an average evening, we were scrolling through the Netflix technology blog, reading about how they use image and video processing to personalize recommendations (Yes, we’re tech geeks, and yes – that is how tech geeks spend their evenings). Reading more about how they choose promos, we realized we can build a way for creatives, like movie posters, to be analyzed and presented to the audience in a way that will fit their wishes. It is kind of what Netflix does to your recommended movies. 

Why should creative analysis stop at movies though? 

Can’t we build an algorithm like that? Or even a better one? 

Why should people spend money on developing creatives that don’t “talk” to their audience? 

So we spoke about it with a few friends and thought okay, which channel has a large creatives database that we could help analyse? The answer was pretty clear: Facebook ads. 

92% of social marketers are using FaceBook for advertising in hopes to grab the attention of their audience with the help of… that’s right, creatives!

In today’s world, consumers’ attention span keeps dropping due to the abundance of information. So what if we could build a solution that will help all these businesses and their creative teams, art directors and everyone else involved with the creation of ad creatives to see which elements of their creative work and which don’t? Knowing which elements really work within the nowadays 8-second attention span could make all the difference in your ad campaign strategy.

Luckily, we both come with experience in building algorithms and code so we locked ourselves in our apartment with a grand idea – to build artificial intelligence that can analyze creatives.

Anastasia Logvinenko, CEO and co-founder of Pudding.ai

Yes, that was more or less the facial expression I had when we first thought of this idea 🙂

Anyway, fast forward 2 years… Fast food, late nights, no social life, finding the right design partners, tons of market research, and talking to people all over the industry and we finally did it – we built an AI that’s able to scan through creatives, analyze their elements, and offer insights on their performance. BOOM!

Today, we’re proud to introduce you to (drumroll): PUDDING.AI

What can Pudding.ai do for you?


Pudding is not just another software for Facebook ad analysis. Pudding is not an ad management tool, and it is not an a/b testing solution. All these you already have available to you with a simple google search. 

Pudding.ai is a fuel to master your creativity. 

Why? Because today, we’re playing a guessing game when it comes to creatives and it’s too bad that in 2020, we aren’t using the potential of the technology at our disposal. In 2021, you will – with Pudding.ai.

Now you’re probably asking how. How does Pudding.ai help me hit that creative sweet spot and master my creativity? 

Here’s for the technical answers: 

  • You can view your creatives performance in real-time
  • See which elements are helping the creatives and which are hurting them
  • Filter and sort results to see insights that matter to you
  • Adjust your metrics to fit current KPIs and their combinations
  • Get suggestions from current campaigns for future ones
  • Share data with everyone in your team to improve collaboration
  • Use Pudding for Facebook ads, as well as Google ads
  • And finally, teach Pudding AI your unique creative elements and language

To get even more technical and see how the AI can be used specifically for your business, we can schedule a 30-min call, I’d be happy to show it to you. 

As for the non-technical answer – we simply built a way to combine passion and knowledge. Your work deserves the place, respect, and attention so we changed the way it’s being treated and analyzed. 

In the next post, we’d like to show you exactly what kind of work Pudding AI does so stay tuned to see insights from the Black Friday 2020 ad creatives to get hands-down suggestions for your Christmas campaigns!

That’s it! Speak to us in the comments below, we’re here with you.

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