Benefits of Using SaaS For Your Marketing Campaigns

Published by Dina Taitelbaum on

SaaS Marketing

Benefits of Using SaaS For Your Marketing Campaigns

It’s hard to imagine that not even two decades ago, digital marketing was a fringe phenomenon in the business world. Today, any business that’s not marketing online or using digital tools to manage its campaigns and promotional efforts are in danger of getting left behind. 

Marketing services as software (or SaaS for short) are expected to register a compounded annual growth rate of 17.4% from 2020 to 2027. That’s on top of the many tools that business owners, marketing staff, and sales teams can now use to improve their marketing efforts. 

But why is SaaS marketing different? There are many good reasons to utilize digital tools for your marketing. Here are some of the most notable benefits that marketing SaaS brings to a company.

More intuitive dashboards

Marketers have been using great creatives in marketing for the longest time. But great design shouldn’t only exist on the front-end of marketing campaigns and experiences. Marketers and entrepreneurs should be able to implement great user experience and design to their back end too. 

With B2B SaaS marketing strategy, marketing teams and professionals have access to intuitive dashboards that deliver a sizable amount of data, insights, analytics, controls, and functionalities at the tap of a finger.

Marketing software brings an easier and more convenient way to launch campaigns, measure results, run ads, and adjust efforts. Without software to help marketers, they’re left to more rudimentary and manually-driven processes. That can take a lot of time and effort, leading to more deadweight loss and fewer results over the long term. 

Deep insights from data

It used to be that a company needed someone with an advanced computer science degree to gather, aggregate, store, and analyze data. But some innovators developed white label services that once had to be custom-built for every company and made available to all. Marketing analytics and reporting software are an innovation that is quickly rising, and for good reason — because it helps a lot. 

With deeper insights and automatic interpretations, and insights, marketers can measure the output and determine whether a post, ad, or campaign has produced sustainable results for a company. Marketing staff and departments can then use this information to adjust if it doesn’t perform as well or replicate and accelerate if it does yield good results. Marketers use data all the time to be smarter about their efforts and lower costs and work involved for more bottom-line growth. 

Gone are the days that a small company needs to hire a data scientist to create data gathering systems and maintain them. There are now various SaaS to choose from that integrate seamlessly with company-owned platforms and sales channels so that the software captures the data autonomously and crunches the numbers for the team to simply read, interpret, and act on.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in marketing is set to grow another 54% this 2021 as per reports by Statista. It’s changing the way we do customer service, sales, digital marketing, engagement, email marketing, and even advertising. AI marketing tools for B2C help businesses remain optimal by removing the administrative and repetitive work so that marketing professionals can pour more of their time into high-value work like conceptualizing creatives, thinking of sales campaigns, developing content, and so on.

With tools like, a marketing SaaS platform that leverages artificial intelligence ties well with deep insights to analyze your brand’s creative elements. It helps find the creative blocks, biases, and components that impact your overall ad performance. In addition, it helps companies recognize brand elements that increase performance.

Set and measure KPIs

No one needs software to set key performance indicators (KPIs). Marketers have been doing it for decades already after all. But what marketing SaaS does is it takes KPI setting and measuring to a new level. Through marketing software, brands and businesses can track and monitor their best SaaS marketing campaigns that reach or even exceed goals. 

What’s more, the software can now study those successful campaigns and provide analysis on what made those strategies successful. These tools can even give actionable insights and recommendations that can enhance a campaign’s creative aspects within the copy, graphic design, and video.

Split testing capabilities

In advertising, a practice that has forever revolutionized the way people promote brands and products is split testing. This practice is putting two or more slightly varying versions of the same campaign or post and individually measuring the performance of each one. Certain tools take it up a notch by automatically pushing winners up and dumping more ad spend and therefore more traction and visibility on them to significantly improve ad performance and increase ROI.

Split testing allows marketers to determine what elements, keywords, or visuals drive the best results and provide a data-driven approach to improve existing and future campaigns.

Technology and strategy will drive your marketing performance

Technology isn’t everything, but it does drive better systems that can take strategy through the last mile stretch without having to put as much effort into it. More and more, marketing technology is driving the way companies to operate and thrive. And if you don’t want your business or organization to get left behind, you should consider adopting a software mindset in your marketing and advertising efforts.