Facebook Ad Performance: Creative Quick Wins

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Facebook Ad Performance: Creative Quick Wins

If you’re running Facebook ads (and if you’re reading this, you probably are) there’s been a significant performance decrease for many marketers. Twitter, Facebook groups, Reddit discussions are all sharing thoughts on why the ad performance is going down, and associate it with the most recent Facebook update – we’re now in the post-iOS 14.5 world

It makes sense that the conversion tracking changes, delayed reporting and the new Facebook ad limits per page are all playing a part in this ad performance decrease. It will take time for us, the marketers, to adjust our campaign strategies, optimize our creatives, messaging, and concepts to bring the performance back up. 

Here at Pudding, we see these conversations and want to help.

This month, we’ve decided to create a #PuddingReport that shows off ad creative elements that have the greatest impact on link clicks and are easy to optimize at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in fashion retail or a traveling business, selling beauty products, or a software provider – we see these insights across various industries. 

Creative tips to increase ad performance

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The number one insight we saw is the impact the image dimensions have on the ad performance. Square images are outperforming vertical or horizontal ones by as much as 47%!

Why is that, you ask?

Our explanation is pretty simple – since 45% of people on the planet use social media nowadays (wow) and 80% of them are using mobile devices, it’s safe to say your ads are being viewed on a phone. A square image actually takes up a lot more of the scrolling space than the usual horizontal one. 

Of course, the vertical videos are also a high performer due to stories so our best advice is: use square images and vertical videos.

Speaking of video ads…

Our ads creative report has found some surprising results regarding Facebook video ads.

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Consumers want your videos to be high-motion, dark-framed, and with music or speech from the start. Let’s break this down a bit.

The part that was most interesting for us was the negative impact of bright frames. Our AI shows bright frames are decreasing ad performance by an average of 45%! At first thought, this sounds counterintuitive. We usually think our video should be bright, the product should be clearly visible, and the more light the better.

Turns out that’s not true.

In fact, perhaps darker framed videos are actually easier to keep watching for longer time periods. Easier for the eyes, for the brain comprehension and actually increases the attention span. Maybe darker frames stand out from the noise of your screen – after all, Apple came up with dark screen mode for a reason. 🤔

By the way, did you see the most recent Disney trailer? Yep, mostly dark frames…  

Ad copy: what to write and what not to write..

Facebook ad copy has gotten lots of discussions – should you write a lot or little, use emojis or not, and of course, what are the best CTAs?

When it comes to copy we found four main insights to share with fellow marketers:

  • Use emojis, but not more than 3
  • 🙅‍♂️ Stop with the offers-related selling propositions
  • Add URL links 🔗
  • Avoid typos (c’mon!) 🤦‍♀️

Ok, the last one is pretty obvious but too many copywriters aren’t proofreading the ad copy. Take that extra time to make sure your English is good. After all, this hurts your brand. When a consumer sees ad copy with mistakes, the trust level drops significantly. So please, check your writing and don’t lose your customers for grammar.

Emojis are actually a great way to show your brand character. They can make your message come across lighter, friendlier and relatable but don’t overdo it. Make sure your emojis are used reasonably. Our report suggests using no more than 3 – that’s a very quick way to increase your ad performance.

Finally, consumers are getting swamped with offers everywhere they go. Discounts are everywhere! Yes, we all want to get a good deal for our buck but you can offer those on your product page. Use your ad copy space to suggest your unique selling proposition. What problem are you solving for your customers? Once they learn that, only then they’d go for your special offer.

By the way, URL links are increasing ad performance for many marketers so add them even though your ad is clickable. Once your audience reaches your landing page you can offer that great deal and they’d be happy to take it. 

Optimize your ad creatives

In these tough times, optimizing your ads is a must. You must learn how to adjust to all the new updates from Facebook and Apple, understand what works for your audience and what doesn’t. Since the creative actually attributes to as much as 47% of the performance of the ads, our quick wins report aims to give you easy-to-implement creative optimization tips. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and of course, success stories from using either of the advice above. Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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