End of Funnel: eCommerce Best Practices to Drive Sales

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ecommerce best practices for ad campaigns

End of Funnel: eCommerce Best Practices to Drive Sales

Competing with the current volume of Facebook ads for eCommerce businesses is challenging, especially since the recent ad limitations, iOS 14.5 targeting changes, and post COVID-19 global rise of online shopping. However, there are a few advertising trends of 2021 we can already observe, learn from and apply. 

For instance, running dynamic and product carousel ads have shown great performance as well as mobile-optimized experiences, both on your ads and your site. Personalization has been a trend for a while now so focusing on your client is still a great strategy. Besides that, we wanted to present our industry tips & insights on how to ensure great Facebook ad performance.  

Facebook ad analysis CTA

In this article, we focus on techniques to drive conversions through your ad creatives, specifically for eCommerce businesses. Our first and foremost advice is to keep brand consistency.

Whether it’s maintaining a color palette throughout your campaigns/website/landing pages or having a particular tone of voice. Whatever it is that makes your brand stand out and recognizable, it is going to work for you throughout all of your ads and sales funnels. 

eCommerce best practices for the end of your ads funnel

Show your special offer

This might sound like a no-brainer advice. 

However, our report shows that there’s a significant change in the performance of ads that show offers at the beginning of the funnel as opposed to the end. 

In fact, it’s not recommended to show discounts and offers for your CTR-based campaigns at the beginning of the funnel. There’s actually a 17% decrease in ad performance when the crossed-out offer is shown at the beginning of the funnel! 

You should ease your audience in towards your offer first. Let them get to know your brand, your value proposition, and express some interest first. Once they fall into a retargeting campaign / the end of your ad funnel – that’s when you present them with the offer! 

Here’s how the ad funnel flow could look like for your creatives:

ecommerce best practices for ads example

Organise your text wisely

Take a look at the ad example above. Do you see how the model is creating a line of sight for you? It’s no accident we chose this image as an ad example for eCommerce best practices for end of funnel ads. 

Whether you have obvious sight direction lines on your creatives or not, people tend to pay first attention in the following order: top left – center – bottom right. 

Have you noticed how a Facebook ad is designed even before you put all your creatives in it? The page logo and name are at the top left, then it’s your creative and at the bottom left there’s the CTA button. 

That’s the structure you should follow when adding text to your ad creative, especially a USP or a sale CTA! Our AI shows a whopping 20% increase in performance when your CTA is in the center of the creative. Mind the natural way humans interact with ads and use it to your advantage to drive sales. 

Take a look at the text arrangement on these two ads:

ecommerce best practices ad example

Help your audience see your CTA by making sure it’s stupid-easy for them to interact with your ad. 

Slide in social proof

Adding a review in your ad’s copy is a lead magnet. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the text on image/video or as a part of primary/description text. 

Social proof impacts your ad creative by as much as 21% at the end of the funnel. Think of it as a final push for your potential customer to make that purchase. They were getting to know your brand, saw your offers and now they see others love it too or someone they love endorses it!

This eCommerce best practice is definitely a must and an easy one to start with. Instead of creating copy that might talk to some and not others, use existing testimonials with which people can relate. Besides, the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect gets activated as soon as we see someone enjoying something we don’t yet own. 

Show your product!

Another no-brainer, yes. 

But in reality, many eCommerce businesses show too many objects in their ads, which decreases their performance. Scrolling through Facebook, we have so much information all around the screen so if you want to catch someone’s attention – clear it!

“Clean” the screen of your customers by clearing the space on their newsfeed with an ad that shows 1 object – your product. In fact, luxury eCommerce fashion brands do exactly that. Many don’t even show the face of their models to keep the focus on the product.

Our study shows that keeping 1-2 objects within your ad creatives can increase end of funnel performance by as much as 12%. Add another 8% if that object is close up! 


The secret behind eCommerce best practices to drive sales lies in creating ad strategy that’s inlined with your brand and uses creatives that represent it. Show your audience what your customers say about you and arrange your creative in a wise way, keeping in mind the location of your CTAs and the focus on your product. 

If you want to see how your creatives are performing, we’re not offering a free creative report here