Mid Funnel Marketing: Creative Insights

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mid funnel marketing creative trends

Mid Funnel Marketing: Creative Insights

Mid funnel marketing campaigns are often regrettably overlooked. While in fact, those are the backbone of your campaigns’ success!

It’s a shame to invest so much time and money into brand awareness and purchase campaigns and overlook the “consideration stage”. You should nurture your audience with a mid-funnel strategy in order to see those purchase campaigns really paying off!

Essentially, this is the time when you learn about your consumers and their behavior, pain points, and interests in order to target them accurately in your top funnel game. Understanding these will help you with wise split testing and learning which marketing messaging and creatives increase your ad performance.

Learn more about creative testing and analytics here.

Use your mid-funnel ad campaign to help you lead your brand awareness efforts towards the end of your customer journey.

So what should we do in our mid funnel marketing campaigns?

This “consideration stage” or the “messy middle” focuses on your audience who already expressed any type of interest in your low funnel efforts. Therefore, it would be a remarketing multi-channel ad campaign that helps your existing audience (non-intrusively) evaluate their decision to purchase.

However, unlike a purchase-oriented remarketing campaign the conversion metrics you want to follow for mid-funnel ads could be:

  • Engagement (number of views and clicks)
  • CPC (cost per click)
  • CPL (cost per lead)

The reason we want to focus on cost efficiency is because this campaign is a testing stage where you’re learning to adapt to your new customers’ needs. Your goal is to keep them coming back to your site while not wasting money on those no longer interested. Once you figure out who’s your best-performing audience, then you can hit them hard with your top funnel ads.

Understanding what creative elements are helping you understand your audience is crucial at this stage. This is why we’ve gathered over 2 billion retail ad impressions over the past half a year and analyzed what creative elements decreased campaigns’ CPC.

Ad creative trends for mid funnel ads

low vs mid funnel ad example
  • People

Using people is generally driving better results for retail ads and we can see it across several PuddingReports of the past. However, we noticed that using multiple people (+40%) actually works even better than single persons (+11%). This extra 29% could mean a lot to your mid-funnel campaign, generating a lot more high-focused leads, ready to purchase. However, if you’re running carousel ads, it’s best to stick to single persons (+28%) while keeping a clean look.

  • Centered text position

We see brands experimenting with text positioning all over their ad creatives and it’s good to AB test it but with Pudding AI, you no longer have to. We see that placing your text right in the middle of your image is increasing your ad performance by 25%.

  • Keep your images square, and videos vertical

Vertical images just aren’t working for many campaigns nowadays. People want to see vertical videos but images should be square. Think of organic media, consumers are used to seeing content in IG-squared/story dimensions so publish ads that follow this easy rule of thumb. Perhaps you’re testing the same creative for different placements? Well, no need to do that anymore. Vertical images are hurting your ad performance (-25%) so keep them square.

  • The discount dilemma

Many people ask if the consideration stage is good for presenting discounted offers and the answer is yes. Your previous ad (brand awareness) caught their attention and now it’s a good time to show off your offers, even though you still aren’t counting on them to convert. Pudding.ai insights show that any talk of discounts, whether it is percentages off, 1+1 deals, crossed out prices, coupon codes, or equivalent works well on images (+42%), and copy (+23%) but avoid them in your carousel ads (-20%). For carousel ads, stick to copy and simply avoid adding the offer onto your image.

ads creative report CTA
  • Bright, short videos

Video ads are good when quick and easily comprehensive. Our insights show that your videos should be at least 8 but no longer than 90 seconds. However, we noticed something interesting – videos that are between 20-40 seconds aren’t performing all that well either. Our advice is either to keep it super short or about a minute long. Make sure your video has bright frames and you’re CPC’s should be working for you.

  • Use plural pronouns in your copy

Let’s focus on “us” and “we” as opposed to “you” and “me”. In today’s marketing trends, inclusive language using plural pronouns will increase ads performance while decreasing CPC. In fact, we see a decrease of -12% for ad copy that uses singular pronouns. The good news is that this is a simple fix, making your optimization work a breeze.

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