Mobile Game Ads: Our Top Creative Insights

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Mobile Game Ads: Our Top Creative Insights

Did you know that mobile gaming annual revenue has generated more than film and music industries combined? 

Yes, mobile game downloads broke all records in 2020 with a weekly average of 1 billion downloads throughout the Q2! Of course, COVID-19 played a part in this statistic (like it did in most industries). Quarantine and isolation has brought up a major demand for in-game social interaction, while music and film industries have taken a hit due to social limitations. 

Since consumers are now spending a large portion of their time on their mobile devices, marketers have to play their A-game to beat the competition and reach their target audience. 

Although mobile game ads see a rather wide audience of 2.7 billion strong and growing of Gen Z’s and Millennials alike, consider the fact that with as much screen time as they’re having, they’re also pretty much immune to mobile game ads due to in-app ads. 

What does that tell us about mobile game ads on Facebook? That they have to be scroll-stopping with an original creative and an undeniable offer. 

Facebook ad analysis CTA

Here at Pudding AI, we’ve decided to analyze a campaign by Plarium for their Raid: Shadow Legends game. Their ad creatives are truly unique, entertaining, and intriguing – everything you need for a mobile game ad. 
Our #PuddingReport showcases creative insights for a total of 23 ads, crawled from YouTube on February 23rd.

Raid: Show Legends – Key Takeaways to Learn From and Use in Your Mobile Game Ad Strategy

1. Should you have music from the start of your ad?

Short answer: no. Similar to our recent analysis of the Super Bowl ads, mobile game ads seem to also perform better if they start with speech. It has become a common creative insight we’ve observed, which is attention-worthy for your future ad campaigns whether it’s for a mobile game marketing campaign or not! 

In fact, even if the audio is quiet in the beginning it can still hurt the engagement for your commercial. So start with a dialogue, introduce the characters and only then turn on the theme song!

Pudding AI highlight for mobile games ads
2. Shoot longer frames, let us see the characters!

What kind of ads make you want to stop scrolling? Are they fast-motion, short frame types or longer and more in-depth? 

For mobile game ads, our study shows that frames longer than 2 seconds performed 15% better while high-motion frames underperformed by -20%. Perhaps in the mobile industry, the gamers want to get a feel of the game a little more or get to know the characters better. Maybe the high-motion frames ads are the type they’ve become immune to due to the in-app game ads? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below or on social just tag #PuddingReport so we see them.

Here’s the Raid: Shadow Legends ad that scored the most engagement:

3. We all love a free offer…

Yes, mobile game ads are no exception. In fact, the competition doesn’t make it easier – there are so many free games out there! 

Therefore, we see that text mentioning the word “free” performs much better than “play now”, for example. Don’t worry though, recent statistics show that 38% will pay after all. 

Finally, if you’re using text in your ad creative, our study shows that medium font is the way to go. 

Creative insights for mobile game ads

4. We want to see light & brown colour scheme in mobile game marketing

Blues, greens and black colors weren’t doing so well for Raid, with an average under-performance of 40%. Instead, show lighter colors and add some brown shades to the mix. 

This actually reminds us of the luxury fashion creative insight we’ve observed a couple of months ago. Apparently, brown colours work on both audiences 🙂 Did you know that brown is believed to evoke the feeling of reliability and strength

Here you have it! Our key takeaways on mobile game ads, featuring Raid: Shadow Legends. We hope you learned some interesting marketing tips, whether you’re looking to improve your mobile game marketing campaign or not.