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Monthly Active Ads



Estimated Monthly Fee


The fee is calculated based on the number of active ads per month. The amount of ad accounts is unlimited.

Monthly Active Ads Fee
Less than 100 $350
101 - 250 $750
251 - 500 $1000
500 - 750 $1200
751 - 1000 $1500
+1000 Talk to Us

Frequently Asked Questions

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The monthly active Ad number represents the total number of Ads run within a month.

It’s unlimited!
The fee is based on the total number of active Ad creatives across all Ad accounts - no matter which accounts they run from or which Ad channels.

Yes, you may cancel your account and subscription at any time. Read more in our Terms & Conditions

After your trial ends, your access to’s services expires. You don't need to cancel your account and no automatic charges will be applied. To continue using, you can choose any of our paid plans directly from your account.

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