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Viewing and Understanding Ad Creative Performance in Real-time

With our AI, you can view your ads performance in real-time! Understand the performance over time and spot fatigue right away.

Creative Performance in Real-time
Explore Insights on What Makes Your Ads Perform Best

Explore Insights on What Makes Your Ads Perform Best

Usually, we see some ad working well while another isn’t and the future decisions are based on that. With you get much more - you get insights to WHY your best performing ads are such. Not only do you learn what helps or hurt your ad performance but it helps you plan future campaigns.

See Which Ad Creative Elements Impact Your KPIs

Creative optimization based on data-driven insights helps you make sure your ads are reaching their KPIs. Take advantage of the actionable suggestions offered by our AI to understand what elements you should use or avoid to increase ad performance.

See Which Ad Creative Elements Impact Your KPIs
Ad Performance & Creative Insights

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AI Compares Results to Performance KPIs

As marketers, we often compare what works with what doesn’t in order to make future decision. Same way, our AI sees the performance of all your ad creative elements and offers to you the results of what performs well and what doesn’t.

Receive Actionable Insights for Future Dynamic Creative Campaigns

No more guess work when it comes to creative optimization. With Pudding’s actionable insights, you’ll know exactly what should be used or avoided in the future ads. Creative went fatigue? No worries, get an alert and learn what changes to the creative will bring the performance back up!

Share Ad Data With Team Members

Whether you’re a full platform user or a reports user, your ad analysis is easily sharable with your team members. Choose to share a link or a PDF report directly from your dashboard.

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