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Advanced Creative Analytics

Use Data to Make Creative Decisions (Quantify the Qualitative)

Ads simply don’t work on intuition, they require intricate planning, testing and analysis. Learning to analyse your ad data correctly is the key to your success. However, it takes a lot of time. With, we will help you with your data-driven creative analysis so you can make better decisions for your ad campaigns.

Use Data to Make Creative Decisions (Quantify the Qualitative)
Stop AB Testing Ad Creative

Stop AB Testing Ad Creative

Yes, creative testing in marketing is a must. Many advise it and we agree. But in 2021, you ought to use technology to do it for you. Stop spending all your resources to properly AB test all aspects of your ads to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Use our AI to do the reporting for you in real-time so you can work with the results.

Multiple KPI Creative Analysis

View and analyze real-time ad creatives performance based on a combination of multiple KPI’s. Use our Board to view the side by side creative performance based on metrics that are important for you.

AI-Driven Creative Testing Tools
Custom Creative Analytics & Reporting

Custom Creative Analytics & Reporting

Get your AI ad creative reports directly in your mailbox with a complete overview of actionable insights and suggestions. Get fatigue alerts, trends and much more with our automated reporting system. Customise your reports with KPIs that are important to you.

Ad Performance & Creative Insights

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AI-Driven Creative Testing Tools

A/B testing is so 2019. Today, marketers that use technology to drive their campaigns insights stay ahead of the competition. Use AI for your digital content testing and use actionable insights to plan your ad campaigns.

Creative Analysis at Scale

Analysing ad creatives each element? With you will no longer need to do such busy work. Your ad images, videos and copy is analysed in real-time. Get your team members a complete overview of your creative testing framework.

Interactive Results Dashboard

Whether you’re using our platform or Pudding Bites reports, your results are easy-to-use and interactive. Our report insights include links to your creatives for a visual presentation while our platform offers a full access to all results that can be revised by dozens of filter and metrics combinations.

Creative Analytics FAQs

Pudding’s AI runs through all the creative elements across all your ad campaigns and channels, tracks all the engagement metrics and offers a complete overview of data. Using filters and chosen metrics, we slice through that data for most meaningful insights.

Creative testing allows to compare ads and identify elements that drive the best results. As marketers, we want to ensure that our money is spent on creatives and messages that are reaching our target audience. Without creative testing, there is no way to progress our results and improve our ads performance.

When you run enough tests for your images, videos, and copy, you will find yourself with a lot of data. There are many aspects to creative analysis you should use to ensure efficiency. Using these to impact your decision making for future campaigns is what data-driven marketing is all about.
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