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Improve Facebook Ad Creative Performance

Receive Real-Time
Facebook Ad Creative Insights

Leverage AI and machine learning to analyse Facebook ad data and understand what creatives work for your products and audience. Pudding offers actionable insights in real-time to showcase all elements performance and highlight those with the most significant impact. Our Reports, send you these insights directly to your email.

Receive Real-Time Facebook Ad Creative Insights
Analyse Facebook Ad Creatives Without A/B Testing

Analyse Facebook Ad Creatives
Without A/B Testing

Analysis of Facebook ads and performance usually requires a consistent AB testing campaign. What works better early in the funnel as opposed to the end of it? What CTA increases CTR? Now, you’ll see answers to all these questions and much more, saving you time and ad spend.

Recognize Facebook Ad Fatigue
and Take Action

Using the same creative for Facebook and Google ads? Measure the performance of your creatives across channels and quickly act upon ad fatigue. All our alerts show you which ad channel the fatigue is occurring on so you can plan future strategies with your creative and media teams based on data-driven insights.

Recognize Facebook Ad Fatigue and Take Action
Ad Performance & Creative Insights

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Easily Stop Underperforming Ads

Facebook creative fatigue need to be attended as soon as possible before it impacts your overall campaign performance data, wastes your money, and frankly, annoys your audience. Don’t let creative fatigue hurt your brand in the eyes of your target audience by ending fatigue on time. Pudding dashboard presents to you the performance data for every creative and alerts as soon as it’s gone fatigue.

Test Your Hypotheses and Analyse Results

How many different ad ideas do you test to increase your conversions? With Pudding.ai you can see actionable results from your Facebook ads analysis. Create future briefs based on data-driven insights and grow your ad content performance, whether it’s images, videos, carousels, or copy.

Correctly Use the Facebook Ad Type that Aligns with Your Objective

Did you that certain offers work better for ad creatives that are at the end of your campaign funnel, and don’t work at all at the beginning? This is true for various creative elements and types. Understanding what works for your audience based on the objective is key to successful campaigns. Filter your Facebook ad analysis by your desired KPIs and view what works!

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