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Ad Creative Fatigue and Insights

Creative Fatigue Alerts
on Decreased Performance

Recognising Facebook ad fatigue is no easy task, if done manually. However, figuring out which ad is no longer performing well for your audience helps you understand when to end or tweak it. With you get alerts as soon as an ad is performing lower than usual while with the same spend.

Creative Fatigue Alerts on Decreased Performance
Proactively Detect Creative Fatigue

Proactively Detect
Creative Fatigue

Recognise your creative fatigue at a glance with a red alert icon. Learn why and when this particular ad creative became fatigue and view actionable insights to help you bring the ad back up the benchmark. Ad fatigue detection and insights are based on your chosen KPI for the ad creative analysis.

Measure Ad Fatigue
Across Channels

Using the same creative for Facebook and Google ads? Measure the performance of your creatives across channels and quickly act upon ad fatigue. All our alerts show you which ad channel the fatigue is occurring on so you can plan future strategies with your creative and media teams based on data-driven insights.

Measure Ad Fatigue Across Channels
Ad Performance & Creative Insights

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Historical Creative Analysis
& Performance Ranking

In your Creative Summary dashboard, will always show you the history of your creative performance based on your spend and the KPIs. This way, you can see a full history of your ads performance ranking analysis.

Refresh Ad Creatives
for a Performance Boost

Ad creative fatigue doesn’t necessarily mean the ad needs to be ended. Sometimes, refreshing your creative is enough to boost the performance up again. Our insights will tell you exactly which elements you could tweak that has the most potential for performance increase.

Gain Insights
into Creative Trends

With actionable insights on your advertising fatigue, we also offer you suggestions based on creative trends. With all the ads creative data, our AI is able to tell which elements of your fatigued creative can be tweaked.

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